About me

Hello, I’m Kateřina Gallinová, welcome to my blog Little Pixie Kitchen. This article is about me and my journey to low carb and mostly dairy free cooking. You can find real food recipes on my blog, most of them are suitable for little ones too, so the whole family can enjoy meals together at one table.

I am a mother of two kids, food lover, blogger, author and newbie gardener. I am trying to make an edible garden on the hillside around our house. In my free time (without kids) I’m writing for magazines about healthy food and herbs, in Czech language so far.

If you like my blog with its recipes and enjoy cooking and baking with me, I will be grateful for your support. If you struggles with low carb diet, feel free to send me a message.

Why I’m mostly dairy free?

My journey to my currant diet began at the turn of years 2011 and 2012 after giving birth to my first child. Very soon, still fully breastfed, she had developed a few health problems, especially digestive conditions. It turned out that she was allergic to dairy, beef, soy and locust bean. Her reactions became milder as the time goes and finally she outgrew her allergies. My daughter isn’t big eater, she was truely ready for solid, when she was one and quater year old. So I want to offer her as nutritious and healthy meals as I can.

I learned how to shop and cook differently and healthy food starts to be my big hobby and this blog (in Czech language only those times) was born. After a few month on strictly dairy free diet I found to my surprise, that some of my health conditions eased – headaches, constipation, eczema, acne and runny nose (from fall to spring in preceding months). Unfortunately I also lost my weight to much and to quickly.

Probably, but unwittingly, I didn’t get enough proteins and energy, though I was eating big portions and frequently, as I could. My body was flabby, tired, I had back aches and didn’t feel mentally well. I started to eat more meat and eggs, it took some time, but finally autoregulation of my protein intake was fixed. I stopped to losing muscles, but my attempts to gain weight weren’t successful and I had frequently flatulence isssues, despite dairy and soy free diet.

I skipped wheat and sugar

I switched white sugar and plain flour for unrefined sweeteners (honey, maple, date and rice syrup, coconut sugar and panela) and different kinds of grain flours. My kitchen was full of spelt, rye, barley, oat, buckwheat, corn, rice and millet. I made some missteps like organic shortenings, but in the end I ditched the unhealthy fats. I mostly use extra virgin olive and coconut oil, butter (I’m glad, that I tolerate it very well), lard, cocoa butter and sometimes avocados now.

And then I became pregnant with my second child. I gain 20 kilos during pregnancy, same weight as first time, but my starting weight was 25 kilos lower. I was happy, that some of those kilos will stay with me after labor, but a few weeks after my son was born in July 2015, all those kilos were gone. I develop some new health conditions during this pregnancy – skin food allergy to wheat and barley, pollen allergy and candida overgrowth. But change of diet and gemmotherapy helped me a lot.

However candida is hard to beat, my breastfed son had to fight with it for a few weeks, for me it took much longer. I was afraid of bigger changes in my diet, because I didn’t want to start losing my weight again (I know now, that fear was nonsense). I reduced my intake of all grains, sweeteners and fruit and ate more green vegetables and fat resources. But it wasn’t the diet, that is the right for me. I felt unsatiated those days, even if my stomach was full. I ate three big meals and from three to six snacks a day.

My reasons to go low carb

Informations come to you, when you are looking for them. I was reading articles and trying new recipes. In early January 2018 I didn’t eat grains except rice and decided to give a try to low carb eating. It wasn’t a hard step because of preceding changes in my diet. I didn’t go low carb to loose fat, but I’m trying to improve my health and digestion, gain muscles and maybe some fat too.

Most people probably don’t see changes that happened with me within a year on low carb, but i definitely feel them. I was still breastfeeding for my first six months on low carb diet. When spring came, I started to work on my garden, spade and shovel were my friends and some muscles apeared. I was eating three big meals and two or three snacks (for me – big improvement in satiety), neither losing weight nor gaining weight. My son stopped breastfeeding in the summer and my hunger sensations decreased. I feel perfectly satiated for the most part of a day, with only 3 meals a day now (maybe this will change to two meals in next months, I’m not pushing it hard). I added some strenght training excercices this winter to my daily spiral stabilization excercices to gain some more muscles, my body needs them so much.

My digestion is improving slowly, but I’m on a good way definitelly. I tolerate some dairy products better, not only butter. Best are hard cheeses, but I can’t eat full portions still. The worst is cream, I don’t trying it because of unpleasant consequences, eczema, flatulance, head aches. And soy and grains? I don’t miss them. Nice surprise was better health of my skin, I can say goodbye to acne and cellulitis.