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I love cooking for my family and will enjoy it, even if I don’t have a blog. However taking photos and writing recipes consumes a substantial part of my time but makes no income. I have expenses like domain registration and web hosting. Also recipe inventing and testing isn’t going the right way all the time. Sometimes the result isn’t eatable, I hate to throw away food, but, rarely, there isn’t other option.

So your donations, even the tiny ones, will support my work and sharing recipes with you. You generosity will keep me motivated, appreciated and in a good mood. I will be able to learn more and more about nutrition and search inspiration. And you will see the results here.

How can you make a donation?

The amount of money and frequency of your support is up to you, you will get my warm feelings everytime. If you like to make a donation, you can do it by PayPal. Please, choose freely, how much you can afford.